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Madyan was founded in January 2017 as an urban initiative that focuses on the urban challenges within the Egyptian context with a special focus on Upper Egypt and the Red Sea region through research, consultancy & project management and realization. We are a team of enthusiastic and determined young professionals who come from diverse academic backgrounds in Architecture, Urban Planning & Development and Software Engineering.

Our belief is that in order to preserve a bright future for all inhabitants, of present and future generations, smart and sustainable visions must be perceived as the only way to alleviate our urban communities. This cannot be achieved without the belief of equal rights to the city. Effective community involvement & participation along with technological advancements are key aspects to achieve smart & sustainable communities.


All Madyan’s founders and members share the vision of a better and more sustainable future for the local communities especially for those living in underprivileged areas. We believe that education is the primary key for any community’s development. Not only academic and scientific education but also by educating people regarding their capabilities and opportunities.

We aim at creating a self-aware community which can assess its opportunities, challenges and know how to deal with their surroundings. We aim at empowering local communities by sharing information which by its turn will enable them to enhance their socio-economic life conditions and to ensure them the basic needs to live.

Our Portfolio


Urban Lab Camp


Textile printing workshop

Ibn Toloun School (ITS)

Our Team

Ahmed Khalil

Computer Engineer & Urban Developer

Norhan El-Dallal

Urban Planner

Mohamed Abdelwahab


Doha Moustafa


Mohammed Alfiky

Urban Planner - GIS Specialist

Nada Abdrabou

Architect & Urban Planner

Hazem Aayash

Urban Researcher

Mahmoud El-Shabrawy

Architect & Urban Developer


ULC 2017 Brochure

September 11, 2017

Urban Lab Camp brings down cultural, personal, educational and professional walls.
It also gives its participants the opportunity to have hands-on practical experience on what they have learnt in classrooms.

ULC 2017 Closing Ceremony

September 11, 2017

13 Governerates
1154 Applicants
99 Participants
1 Urban Lab Camp memorable experience

ULC 2017 Urban Development

September 11, 2017

From aspiring singer to an Architecture Engineering Technology graduate Sarah Ali tells us how Urban Lab Camp has helped her rediscover her passion for Urban Development.
Mohamed Sabry dreamt of being an astronaut, and now is a musician with his own band. His love for architecture has made him graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Engineering, and Urban Lab Camp has solidified his dream of applying for a Masters degree in the field of architecture.

ULC 2017 Energy Engineering

September 11, 2017

Its not every child that dreams of being a chemist when he grows up, but Ahmed Hanafi did!
Urban Lab Camp helped bring together his educational background in mechatronics with his entrepreneurial spirit, and opened up ideas on how to combine both, into a future he could be passionate about.

ULC 2017 Water Engineering

September 11, 2017

From a little girl that dreamed of being a ballerina to a 22 year old Biotechnology student, Zeinab El-Ghoul tells us how Urban Lab Camp helped her align her knowledge with her future educational and career goals.

Our Co-Founder, Ahmed Khalil featured in SciTech

March 9, 2016

Ahmed, an Egyptian urban planning student on his way through Berlin: Gleisdreieck Park, a waste water farm in the middle of the city and the urban garden project Prinzessinnengarten!
Also in this episode: The amazing community project "Gneina" at the outskirts of Cairo!

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